An Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)  is a type of endoscopic examination. It involves the insertion of a thin tube into the mouth and down into the stomach and the first part of the small intestine. At the tip of the tube is a small ultrasound probe that emits sound waves.  This is an exciting new modality added to existing tests performed at Entabeni Hospital. 

EUS comes into its own when used to stage oesophagus, stomach and pancreas cancers. It is used to biopsy pancreas mass lesions. On-site cytology provides the possibility of immediate diagnosis in some cases. It is further used to aspirate fluid from pancreas cysts for further evaluation. 

Examples of reasons for referral for an EUS include:

  • Dilated pancreatic duct
  • Dilated bile duct
  • Swollen/inflamed pancreas
  • Suspected stones in the pancreas duct or bile duct
  • Suspected blockage of the pancreas or bile duct
  • History of recurrent episodes of acute pancreatitis

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